Just Like Candy

Woah. I’ve got to say, congrats for doing this. I don’t think people realise just how much effort and determination it takes to quit smoking, not to mention willpower. I don’t, and never have, smoked so I can’t claim to be able to relate either, but I doubt I’d ever be able to quit if I do. After all, if I can’t even stop eating chocolate, how am I supposed to stop smoking?
But seriously, a big congratulations to you, Carla Prieto, from me as well as Unikitty and the unicorns.

Carla Prieto

Cigarette Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

My love affair with cigarettes began at an early age. The first one I ever tried had no filter and had a bumpy and chalky texture. It came in a long, flimsy, red box that read “KINGS” with a crown underneath, which I had gotten in a goodie bag from a friend’s birthday party. It was candy.

I took mine out and began chewing it after my mom took hers out and lit it, the smoke billowing elegantly above her and blending into the hot summer air like thin branches of an infinitely tall and bare acacia. She sat on our hardwood porch, lined with impatiens and gardenias and buzzing with bees, while I sat on the green summer grass not too far away, watching her lounge coolly with wonder and admiration.

At four or five, I didn’t know much about cigarettes. Why didn’t she have to…

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