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Global Warming

Global Warming
Scientists say that carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases are increasing in the atmosphere, effectively trapping heat inside instead of letting it escape back into space. This is causing the Earth to heat up and is known as the greenhouse effect because of a similar effect to that inside a greenhouse.

I admit I am a little biased on this topic as I believe this to be real, although I remember hearing once that less people in America believe this to be fact than the people who don’t (I can’t remember the exact statistics). I also admit that I found this puzzling because in school we were taught about this in a way that made it seem like fact. Also, most scientists believe in global warming and the greenhouse effect.

I think the source of many people’s opinions about global warming are from the media. I guess they think that if science is giving reasons why global warming exists, they should do the cons of it, and so give all of the reasons global warming has got to be false. Some people believe it is a government conspiracy of some sort. I must say that this would make sense considering what the government is like today, what with all of it’s secrets. After all, there are so many government conspiracies nowadays that at least some of them have to be true. All rumours have a bit of truth in them.

I’m not sure of all the facts, so forgive me if I get this wrong, but I think there is proof that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is on the rise. In England this year, it barely snowed, and when it did, it was late winter. I don’t know the cause of this, but there has been less snow every year, and it may be down to global warming. I am not sure of this though, so don’t take my word for it.


For many years, scientists have been digging up ice cores to find the levels of carbon in the past. This graph shows carbon levels from thousands of years ago until now. As you can see, there is a pattern. Carbon levels are rising naturally and will follow this pattern and nothing will happen. Or so it seems. If we consider the added carbon we are sending out into the atmosphere with all the emissions from different things, we may push the carbon level over the edge of a thin line that will lead to the melting of the ice caps. This would be disastrous, as the water levels will rise dramatically and much land will be submerged under water. This is why we need to try to reduce our carbon levels. There is still time to do so and many ways, such as energy efficient light bulbs and eco-friendly items. Even without those, something as simple as saving electricity by turning off lights when they are not needed, or buying products that need less industrial work done, maybe alternatives to plastic packaging, could help immensely. Remember, don’t ever think that your doing this cannot make an impact, because it can, and will. Every person counts and I hope you will be one of these people.

May the unicorns be with you.


5 Most Stupid Things I have Ever Done

I was looking back at some stuff and I just remembered some of the crazy stuff I’ve done. So I thought I’d write a list…

1. Buckingham Palace
I remember, when I was little, I went to Buckingham Palace. I was looking through the gates at the Palace and all of a sudden, there was a procession! Now, little me was very excited and wanted to see, but it was somewhere off to the side. So I had the brightest idea to push my head a little further into the gates. It helped, but I still couldn’t see them properly, so I kept on pushing my head into the small gap between the two bars of the gate. The procession went and people started to leave except for me. Why? Because I had very cleverly gotten my head stick in the gates. Of course, my family didn’t help. Nope. They just stood there, laughing while I fruitlessly tried to wrench my head out of those black gates. I did get it out. Eventually. But that was something I’ll never forget.

2. I pressed enter…
Unicorns. An obsession of mine that everyone knows about. One day, I was innocently sitting on my computer in class, when I felt the sudden urge to relieve my bladder, so I excused myself to go to the toilet. Now, in computing I sit next between a girl (K) and a guy (T). Next to T is another guy (D). I think all of them can be classified as friends, some more than others. Maybe not T, especially with what he did. You see, he likes to play pranks on me, and me back. Usually it consists of stupid stuff like him stealing my stuff and me switching off his computer, or trying and failing, to make him lose his work. When I went to the toilet, T came up with something that he thought would declare him the clear winner of our little war. I, oblivious to this sinister plot, innocently came back and sat down at my computer, but the monitor was black. I quickly checked that he hadn’t switched off my computer, but it was just the screen. I knew something was wrong. K and T were trying not to laugh and D was just looking at me in that way he does when he’s trying to warn me about T. Then, T said ‘press enter and you’ll see unicorns’, so with a gasp of excitement, my finger was coming down onto the enter button before I could think about it. If I had thought for even half a second, I would have realised what an obvious trick it is, and I realised this with growing dread as T and K burst out laughing and D shook his head as if he couldn’t believe I fell for it. Considering I’m what is considered ‘intelligent’, I can’t believe it either. Between laughs, T managed to tell me to switch on my monitor, so I did. Only to see that I had searched for ‘gay hardcore porn’. That was the point I could’ve killed him, and probably would’ve, if he hadn’t managed to point out that it was an incognito window. Thank Allah for that! If it hadn’t, a red flag would’ve gone up and every teacher on a computer would’ve been able to see what I had searched. So embarrassing…

3. Bee
I was in school one day, innocently hanging out with some friends and talking. You know, the usual. Then, one of my friends (V), screamed and pointed at me. The rest of my friends (L and AX) scrambled away from me as I looked around in confusion, wondering what was wrong and I saw the bee sitting comfortably on my coat. Now, in my defence, the angle I saw it from made it look like a wasp. I screamed and ran around, but each time I got close to my friends, they backed away, so I had no help from them. The bee, startled by my movement, started to crawl upwards, towards my face, which just leaded to more screaming, running around and ‘get it off me’s. While I was spinning around in circles, I got a good view of the people around me staring at me as if I was crazy. I guess I was, a little. Then, L finally started to help and started to hit me with my bag. The bee got off me, but I was left standing there, hugging myself, feeling violated. But it wasn’t gone. Nope.nit started to crawl all over my bag. I was in hysterics, L kept on whacking the bag on the floor and AX and V were just watching, no help at all. Finally, L got the damn bee off of my bag and I started to feel pretty stupid for doing that over a harmless bee.

4. Tomato Spider
I am sorry to say that I am a person who has severe arachnophobia. I don’t hate spiders, but have an irrational fear of them. In no way whatsoever does that mean I kill them, though. My reasoning is that they shouldn’t have to suffer just because I’m scared of them. So one day, I was lounging on the sofa at home, watching TV, when all of a sudden I heard the word spider, I rushed to go and check whether I was in any immediate danger or not, but all I could see was a tomato. Confused, I bent to pick it up, wondering where the spider was. Then, just before I touched it, the tomato got up and scurried away. I yelled, ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. I know it’s a bit extreme but I was seriously freaked. Then I had a good laugh about it later, wondering how in the world I ended up mistaking a spider for a tomato.

5. Dobby
All the way back in primary school (which I guess would be elementary school for Americans), I remember a time in year 4, when I was playing Dobby. In the case of those who don’t know what Dobby is, it’s like the English version of tag. I was all over the place, being chased by my friend. Then, I jumped over a bench and because I’m such a klutz, my foot got caught in the bench and I face-planted the concrete flower bed opposite me. I think I was unconscious, but not for long. When I woke up, I remember my friends just staring at me and me asking if I had anything on my face. I didn’t feel any pain for some reason. Then, I felt something wet on my face and touched it with my hand only to see blood. I looked in the window to see blood running down my face, so needless to say, I freaked out. One of my friends ran and fetched a teacher, who immediately rang an ambulance and I had a nice ride in it. I was okay and only needed two stitches, but of course I played it up as much as possible.
My mum told me that when the school rang her, they said I had a whole in my head, which of course, scared her half to death and she ran over. That was a complete exaggeration. I think now when I look back at it I just laugh at my stupidness. Needless to say, I didn’t jump over any more benches hay time soon.

So that’s my list. Hope you had a good laugh at it and share some of your stories with me in the comments. Nothing better than hearing someone else’s mistakes to make you feel better about you own, lol.

The evil that is Katy Perry

I do agree with this reasoning, and I feel that just because Katy Perry is a good singer, it doesn’t mean she should get away with everything. I think with the view on Islam today, it is natural that some of us Muslims will feel defensive, but I have already mentioned before that the literal meaning of Islam is peace and that people should remember that before getting violent. There are a lot of problems with Islam and all I will say is what is really wrong with it? I mean, Christianity is a religion, but no one has any problems with them. To each their own, I always say. Everyone has their own opinions, but do we really need to go back to nursery and say that if you don’t have any nice things to say, don’t say anything at all?
I also read a blog entry by The Angry Baboon, and I do admit that it did offend me a bit. People do care about their religions and it does offend when you say stuff like that. Like I said, s/he may have their own opinions, and there is no problem with voicing them, but I think that you should at least say them in a nicer way and think about other people, because they do care about things like this.
I think things like this make me disappointed because I don’t see why people won’t put their differences aside to work with each other. You can’t control your feelings, but you can control what you do with them and think of the consequences. I just think people should think of their actions, or at least show some sense of guilt or regret if they do make a mistake. After all, we are only human and we do make mistakes, but it’s how we deal with these mistakes that matters.



Recently, the video for Katy Perry’s latest single “Dark Horse” has caused mild furore in the Muslim world. You may not have heard about it because a) you’re not part of the “in” crowd, b) you don’t know who Katy Perry is or c) you really just don’t care.

The video caused a stir when one Shazad Iqbal of Bradford noticed that one of the men in the video who is disintegrated by lightning bolts coming out of Perry’s finger is wearing an necklace carved into the Arabic word “Allah”.

Mr Iqbal believed the video to be “blasphemous” and an insult to Islam, and so did what any rational individual would do – he started an online petition to have the video removed from Youtube. Explaining his reasons for starting the petition, Mr Iqbal wrote: “At 01:15 into the video Dark Horse a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing…

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Just Like Candy

Woah. I’ve got to say, congrats for doing this. I don’t think people realise just how much effort and determination it takes to quit smoking, not to mention willpower. I don’t, and never have, smoked so I can’t claim to be able to relate either, but I doubt I’d ever be able to quit if I do. After all, if I can’t even stop eating chocolate, how am I supposed to stop smoking?
But seriously, a big congratulations to you, Carla Prieto, from me as well as Unikitty and the unicorns.

Carla Prieto

Cigarette Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

My love affair with cigarettes began at an early age. The first one I ever tried had no filter and had a bumpy and chalky texture. It came in a long, flimsy, red box that read “KINGS” with a crown underneath, which I had gotten in a goodie bag from a friend’s birthday party. It was candy.

I took mine out and began chewing it after my mom took hers out and lit it, the smoke billowing elegantly above her and blending into the hot summer air like thin branches of an infinitely tall and bare acacia. She sat on our hardwood porch, lined with impatiens and gardenias and buzzing with bees, while I sat on the green summer grass not too far away, watching her lounge coolly with wonder and admiration.

At four or five, I didn’t know much about cigarettes. Why didn’t she have to…

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About me

I think it’s a little late for me to get a blog, but one day I just woke up and thought, ‘why the heck not?’
So for my very first blog, I’m going to say a little bit about me. Let’s see…I’m female, fun loving, but still quite tomboyish. To be honest, I’m usually the least serious amongst people and am quite laid back, but I think that there are some serious topics I can go on to discuss for hours on end.
I’m a Muslim, and I hope no one will discriminate by that, because I disagree with the whole image thing going on that defines the whole religion by the terrorist acts done by the stupid extremists (most of which actually go against our religion’s teachings and just destroys our reputation further) when the literal meaning of Islam is peace.
I’m Indian too. I don’t know why, but people don’t get Indian Muslims. We exist, but I guess we’re rare. Well, rare is my speciality, I guess…
Zosime Storm is (obviously) not my real name. I think that when you have a whole term on e-safety in PSHE (Physical, Social and Health Education or something like that for those of you who don’t know), you kind of automatically take it into regard, but I think if I could change my name to anything, Zosime Storm would be at the top of my list, because it’s different, like me. I’m pretty crazy, but I’m okay with that because who wants to be normal? I’ve always thought that my goals in life should be to be successful in life and have the most fun you can while you’re at it and athe crazies have the most interesting life. Or it might just be a phase.
I have a lot of those. Phases, that is. I remember one month I decided to become a goth so I bought all these black clothes and tried listening to goth music and everything. It didn’t work out very well. I mean, for one, I’ve never liked make up and don’t put a spot of it on my face so I really couldn’t be bothered to slather a ton of it onto my face. Also, goths seem terribly depressing and I don’t think I could do that. Depressing doesn’t suit me.
Oh yeah, one more thing. UNICORNS!!! If anyone I know is reading this, they’ll know who I am just by that. In every single post, I’ll find some way to put them in because they are freakin amazing. For a while, it was a toss up between unicorns and dragons and I invented a dragicorn, but it looked like a deformed hippo with wings and a pointy thing on it’s head, so that quickly went down the drain. I did watch the Lego Movie though (I told my friend and he just looked at me and asked how old I am. Personally, I don’t think you can ever be too old to be a child…) and I’ve got to say Unikitty was pure genius. Hats off to whoever thought of that because I would kiss you if I had the chance. Better for me if you happen to be some hot guy…
Oh yeah! One more thing. Since I’m telling you all about me and everything, I’m British. Don’t know if that matters, but there you go. And I don’t get why Americans call trousers pants and what should be pants, or underwear underwear, but that’s just me. Being confused isn’t exactly a new experience, considering it took me two freakin hours to set up this blog. Not exactly the best considering I’m taking Computing, or Computer Science…

Looking back at this, I’ve got a feeling I’ve rambled, but hopefully not too much. Hope you like!